2015 Spring Conference Presentations

Models for Coaching & Mentoring High Performance VenturesPatent Law Changes & Practical Reminders for Trademark & Copyright Law
(Created by: Darren Spielman & Robert Kain, Partners, Kain Spielman, P.A.)

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets a company has. As incubation professionals, we assist a variety a companies who have questions and face challenges related to patents, trademarks, and other IP. Although we do not give legal advice, incubation professionals can better serve client companies by knowing fundamental concepts and important changes. This seminar will review key aspects of the America Invents Act, important changes from the Supreme Court, various forms of IP protection, as well as common pitfalls.

Matchmaking for Business ExpoertNet Innovation Exchange Preparing Companies to Raise Capital
(Created by: Blaire Martin, Director, Florida Angel Nexus)

Raising capital is a common issue of among startup companies. The Florida Angel Nexus will present information to support incubator managers with companies seeking angel investment or venture capital. Learn how to prepare your companies for a successful raise, including how to overcome common pitfalls, resources to support incubators across Florida, and how to better work with the Florida Angel Nexus.

MainStreet Gardening to Economic GardeningA Client Checklist for Government Funding
(Created by: Ricardo Garcia, Government Resources Manager, UCF Business Incubation Program)

There are a wide array of government funding opportunities available to emerging enterprises. Discover what opportunities are available to your clients, as well as processes and resources to help your client companies pursue them, including a checklist of key activities that clients need to do.

MainStreet Gardening to Economic GardeningNational Business Incubation Association Updates
(Created by: John Gaset, VP Member Services & Operations, National Business Incubation Association)

With more 2,200 members in over 60 nations, the National Business Incubation Association (InBIA) is the world’s leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship. Now headquartered in Orlando, FL and under new leadership, the InBIA is heading in a new direction with lots of exciting updates. Learn about upcoming InBIA activities and opportunities to assist your organization.

2014 Fall Conference Presentations

Models for Coaching & Mentoring High Performance VenturesModels for Coaching & Mentoring High Performance Ventures
(Created by: Karl LaPan, President & CEO, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center)

This presentation will cover the three hats worn by the entrepreneurial coach: consultant, coach, and trusted advisor. Participants will also discover which hat they most often use, as well as best practices in coaching and mentoring, along with why business coaching is important. The presenter will cover three different coaching model frameworks and explore ‘next' practices being created in seed acceleration networks, like the Global Acceleration Network, in delivering mentor support to high performance early stage ventures and their teams.

Impact Measurement - Best Practices Impact Measurement Best Practices 
(Created by: Brian Barge, President & CEO, The Evidence Network)

Accurate measures of impact, especially those based on attribution, are often talked about, but are difficult to implement. This session is an opportunity for attendees to learn assessment and attribution best practices so they can further understand their impact on their clients. The Audience will learn successful ways to communicate their impact and effective techniques for collecting data from clients and program graduates.

Matchmaking for Business ExpoertNet Innovation Exchange Matchmaking for Businesses: ExpertNet Innovation Exchange
(Created by: Rebecca Augustyniak, Director, & Amy Finley, Associate Director, ExpertNet

Companies are often eager to partner with faculty from universities for sponsored research, technical expertise and other joint activities. However, navigating the university system can be a very intimidating process. This seminar will discuss the new Innovation Exchange, a publicly funded tool that matches businesses with Florida university talent and resources. Learn how companies can quickly and accurately find the best university partner; receive updates on activity related to defined industry segments; and alerts for other useful information.

MainStreet Gardening to Economic GardeningMainStreet Gardening® to Economic Gardening®
(Created by: Jerry Ross, Executive Director, National Entrepreneur Center)

From nurturing the seed of a new idea, to sprouting businesses that produce an economic harvest, business incubators can play a vital role. Don’t miss this fast paced session which explores the process of economic development through small business development.